Jun 08 2015

What is happening at the Albany Bulb?

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Restoration plans for the Albany Bulb.

Restoration plans for the Albany Bulb.

Well, work has has begun, and fencing (lots of fencing) is being put into place.

“Improvements” to the lower path started today.

It’s going to be a different time for many visitors to the Bulb.

Here is some information:

The first phase of the project will focus on a portion of the Neck owned by the Park District, the southern edge along the shoreline. The $4.1 million undertaking will include landscaping and re-surfacing of about 2,000 feet of the Bay Trail, making it more accessible for people with disabilities, and will also include extensive restoration of the shoreline.

More information at East Bay Regional Park District


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Feb 17 2015

Meeting set for Albany Bulb Transition Plans

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Do you ride your bike, walk, hike, jog or otherwise enjoy the Albany Bulb & Neck areas?

Do you want to continue to have access so you can enjoy the Albany Waterfront? Both the Bulb and the Neck are scheduled to be transferred to the East Bay Regional Park District and some groups and individuals want to curtail recreational use

The first of what is expected to be several community meetings on the transition plans for the Albany Bulb will be held at 7 p.m. Feb. 19 in the council chamber at City Hall, 1000 San Pablo Ave.

This meeting is about the Albany Bulb and Neck trail ONLY. This is NOT about the beach.

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Jun 04 2012

Kennel Cough Warning in East Bay

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Photo: KTVU.com

Kennel Cough Outbreak East Bay

Local veterinarians are warning dog owners about a highly contagious virus spreading across the East Bay.
“What we’re finding out right now is that there is a particularly aggressive strain,” said Elise Brandwajn medical directors of the El Sobrante clinic. Sniffing and socializing are two of the ways a dog can contract the virus and the germs are “highly contagious and linger for several hours”.

Source: http://www.ktvu.com/news/news/veterinarians-warn-aggressive-strain-kennel-cough-/nPLKL/

Listen to Kennel Cough http://www.pedigreedatabase.net/play.php?vid=161

Link: Kennel Cough in Dogs


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Mar 22 2012

Action Needed for Albany Beach, Redwood and more

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Please Comment on Proposed New Leash Policy:

East Bay Regional Park District staff has proposed that dogs should be on-leash for the first 200 feet of trails throughout the park district (with the exception of Point Isabel). The intent is to improve poop pick-up and dog behavior. The park district Board of Directors may rule on this as early as April 17.

This broad policy change SHOULD BE PILOTED FIRST at two or three high-traffic trails before being rolled out throughout the park district. We don’t know yet how well it will work or if it will create new issues (such as problems for people with mobility challenges).

If you agree, please email your comments ASAP to the following:
apulido@ebparks.org, wdotson@ebparks.org, jsutter@ebparks.org, cseverin@ebparks.org, dsiden@ebparks.org, awieskamp@ebparks.org, blane@ebparks.org, tradke@ebparks.org, bdoyle@ebparks.org, jking@ebparks.org, joconnor@ebparks.org, ebdawg@googlegroups.com

CHANGES COMING AT ALBANY BEACH: The park district has applied for an Environmental Protection Agency grant of up to a million dollars to be used at Albany Beach. Presumably this dovetails with existing EBRPD plans to expand the dunes, improve public access, add restrooms, etc. EBRPD staff have not proposed any accommodations yet for an official off-leash policy on the beach, despite a 10,000-signature petition submitted in December 2011.

Please let the park district know how important Albany Beach is to you. EBRPD has 11 freshwater swim areas plus 2.5-mile Crown Beach — none of which allow dogs. Albany Beach is NOT a designated swimming beach and is an important recreational option for East Bay taxpayers. Please email your comments to: apulido@ebparks.org, manderson@ebparks.org, wdotson@ebparks.org, jsutter@ebparks.org, cseverin@ebparks.org, dsiden@ebparks.org, awieskamp@ebparks.org, blane@ebparks.org, tradke@ebparks.org, bdoyle@ebparks.org, albanycadogs@gmail.com

REDWOOD REGIONAL PARK AREAS MAY LOSE OFF-LEASH: The park district wants dogs on-leash in the Serpentine Prairie and on Dunn Trail to minimize conflicts with equestrians from the nearby private stables.
The Board may rule on this on April 17. To get involved in working on other solutions, please contact Jen Bloom at jenniferbloom4@gmail.com ASAP. You can sign the online petition at http://cts.vresp.com/c/?ALDOG/0c821ab1f0/76bf466b1a/29995c7ecd.

Posted with permission from  Albany Landfill Dog Owners Group


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Mar 08 2012

Help Preserve the Hayden Law

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Photo: L.A. Times

The Hayden law ensures that CA shelters keep stray or abandoned animals for a minimum of 4 to 6 days before putting them down and provides them with necessary and prompt vet care. Governor Brown has proposed repealing the law.

The 10 a.m. rally will be followed by an Alameda County board meeting (on the 5th Floor of teh County of Alameda Administration Building) at 10:30.

Supporters of preserving the Hayden law include Alameda County Supes Nate Miley and Wilma Chan, the East Bay SPCA, and many others. RSVP is requested by close of business on Friday, March 9, to Eileen at 510-670-5717 (or eileen.ng@acgov.org).

You can also sign a petition at http://chn.ge/x7FNEV

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hayden_Law – Wikipedia


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