Mar 22 2012

Action Needed for Albany Beach, Redwood and more

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Please Comment on Proposed New Leash Policy:

East Bay Regional Park District staff has proposed that dogs should be on-leash for the first 200 feet of trails throughout the park district (with the exception of Point Isabel). The intent is to improve poop pick-up and dog behavior. The park district Board of Directors may rule on this as early as April 17.

This broad policy change SHOULD BE PILOTED FIRST at two or three high-traffic trails before being rolled out throughout the park district. We don’t know yet how well it will work or if it will create new issues (such as problems for people with mobility challenges).

If you agree, please email your comments ASAP to the following:,,,,,,,,,,,

CHANGES COMING AT ALBANY BEACH: The park district has applied for an Environmental Protection Agency grant of up to a million dollars to be used at Albany Beach. Presumably this dovetails with existing EBRPD plans to expand the dunes, improve public access, add restrooms, etc. EBRPD staff have not proposed any accommodations yet for an official off-leash policy on the beach, despite a 10,000-signature petition submitted in December 2011.

Please let the park district know how important Albany Beach is to you. EBRPD has 11 freshwater swim areas plus 2.5-mile Crown Beach — none of which allow dogs. Albany Beach is NOT a designated swimming beach and is an important recreational option for East Bay taxpayers. Please email your comments to:,,,,,,,,,,

REDWOOD REGIONAL PARK AREAS MAY LOSE OFF-LEASH: The park district wants dogs on-leash in the Serpentine Prairie and on Dunn Trail to minimize conflicts with equestrians from the nearby private stables.
The Board may rule on this on April 17. To get involved in working on other solutions, please contact Jen Bloom at ASAP. You can sign the online petition at

Posted with permission from  Albany Landfill Dog Owners Group


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