Feb 26 2011

Albany Bulb vs the Sierra Club

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Off Leash Albany Bulb vs the Sierra Club
Posted by Chris Neddersen

As an animal lover, I completely support a club that wants to protect animal habitats. That’s why I’m confused. Some of my dog’s favorite habitats are the off-leash parks around San Francisco Bay. Now I hear that the Sierra Club wants to change her access to some of these parks….

That’s where the Albany Bulb comes in. We hear there’s a movement afoot to forbid off-leash access to the Albany Bulb. I don’t know what the details are, but we were emailed a message that the park’s off-leash status was in peril. Seems that the Sierra Club has some issues, but dogs and human companions have needs too. I want to be even-handed about this, so if you want to get information about both sides of the off-leash issue…

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