Jan 31 2011

Albany Bulb Waterfront Meeting Postponed

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Wednesday’s Waterfront Committee meeting has been postponed until
at  Albany City Hall, Council Chambers, 1000 San Pablo Avenue).

We are hoping for a large turn out next Thursday.

This is the joint meeting with Park & Rec to discuss new leash laws at the Bulb.


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  1. Million Treeson 01 Feb 2011 at 11:00 am

    One of the reasons why the loss of this popular dog-walking area is a concern is that the areas in which dog-walking is allowed are dwindling all over the Bay Area. As more and more areas are closed to dog-walking, the pressure and impact on the few areas that remain becomes greater.

    Point Isabel is the closest area to the Albany Bulb in which dog walking is still allowed by the East Bay Regional Park District. There are thousands of people and their dogs there everyday. The greater the density of dogs and people, the greater the impact on the land and the more likely it is that conflict between visitors and their animal companions will occur.

    The East Bay Regional Park District closed another popular dog walking area in August 2009. The Serpentine Prairie on Skyline Blvd in Oakland was a popular place to walk and play ball on an open meadow. Read about this closure and the Park District’s justification for the closure here: http://milliontrees.wordpress.com/2010/08/27/invasion-or-natural-succession/.

    In San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin Counties, the GGNRA has recently announced their intention to eliminate most off-leash recreation from the 1% of their 75,000 acres in which it is presently allowed and to ban dogs altogether from some of those areas.

    As the managers of public lands close more public lands to dogs, the pressure on the few areas that remain will increase. Is that what they have in mind? Is it preparation for a total ban? There are certainly environmental interests and groups that are advocating for such a total ban.

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