Oct 14 2007

And Next

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Jill Posner writes:

By the late 90’s over 100 people lived on the landfill in makeshift homes with views of San Francisco and Marin. Dog walkers loved the unregulated haven which allowed their canine companions to romp unfettered by leashes and rules, and the cats and dogs who lived with and around the homeless camps stayed out of their way.

More and more shorebirds came to rest in the artificial docks and estuaries created by the dumpers, and as the mudflats along the Albany shoreline were restored, the area became a boon to wildlife and to bird watchers.

It seemed everyone could co-exist. But now all the harmony created by official disinterest is ending. As part of the new Eastshore State Park the homeless have been evicted, the dogs threatened with punitive leash laws, and the artists told their work is not for a ‘family park’. Is this progress? Or is it just government control, that can’t let anything just ‘be’?

Jill Posener – Albany Landfill


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