Nov 11 2007

Bay Area Oil Spill News Roundup

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Obstacles in San Francisco Bay put big ships on ‘full alert’ –
Last week’s oil spill shows dangers to Marine traffic

S.F. Bay spill prompts pollution concerns – United Press International

Lingering Consequences: Spill will have far-ranging effects on plants and animals in and around bay for years, scientists fear –

Feinstein: Oil spill response shows disturbing lack of readiness –

Coast Guard Head defends agency response –

Criminal Probe Opened on Bay Oil Spill –

Human Error Blamed in Spill –

Bay Area fishermen voted unanimously Saturday to request a delay of local Dungeness crab season from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger due to concerns regarding the 58,000-gallons of oil spilled into the San Francisco Bay Wednesday.

Oil Spill Closes Berkeley Marina – East Bay Daily News

Oil Spill is a Disaster for Wildlife – East Bay Daily News

Oil Slick Spreads Across the Bay – East Bay Daily News

Oil Spill Closes Local Beaches – Berkeley Daily Planet

Berkeley Marina Closed Due to Oil Spills, Rescue Stations Set Up Along Shoreline – Berkeley Daily Planet

Oil Spill Threatens Bay Area Wildlife –


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