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Feb 17 2015

Meeting set for Albany Bulb Transition Plans

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Do you ride your bike, walk, hike, jog or otherwise enjoy the Albany Bulb & Neck areas?

Do you want to continue to have access so you can enjoy the Albany Waterfront? Both the Bulb and the Neck are scheduled to be transferred to the East Bay Regional Park District and some groups and individuals want to curtail recreational use

The first of what is expected to be several community meetings on the transition plans for the Albany Bulb will be held at 7 p.m. Feb. 19 in the council chamber at City Hall, 1000 San Pablo Ave.

This meeting is about the Albany Bulb and Neck trail ONLY. This is NOT about the beach.

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Feb 05 2011

Why the Bulb Should Be Left As It Is

Albany Bulb
1. It would be prohibitively expensive to mitigate numerous hazards at the BULB in transforming a former garbage dump into an officially sanctioned public recreation area. These hazards include: jagged pieces of concrete, broken glass, sharp protruding metal debris, assorted toxic chemicals and heavy metals. The beach is strewn with hazardous metal protrusions and submerged hazards.

2. The State has a 28-billion dollar budget deficit. Transforming the BULB into an officially sanctioned recreation area would require tens of millions of dollars to upgrade roads, street lighting, pathways, signage, sanitary facilities and parking. The BULB would have to be closed to public for years to come in order to effect these changes.

3. As it now stands, Mother Nature in her own time and her own way is reclaiming this small piece of real estate – mitigating years of abuse by humankind, healing the toxic sores and soothing over heavy-metal wounds. Wildlife is returning to the waters around the BULB and to the skies above. Humankind with our political compromises and back office dealings have clearly demonstrated an inability to conceive of and carry out long term plans to the benefit of posterity and to all life with whom we share this planet. We have proven ourselves to be but short-sited, selfish little creatures.
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Oct 13 2010

Albany Looking at Leash Laws for Albany Waterfront

The city committee on the waterfront is one step closer to creating rules for the Bulb after a unanimous vote Monday night. Committee Meeting Minutes

“Essentially, dogs would have to be on-leash up through the parking lot, beach and neck, according to the proposed policy. Starting just west of the neck, on the piece of land known as the Bulb, owners and walkers could shift to a voice command system.

A motion about the draft policy included the creation of a two-page map to define the leash regulations for dogs on the waterfront; the requirement that walkers carry a dog walker permit either from the city or from the East Bay Regional Park District; and that dogs declared “vicious and dangerous” would be banned from the area; that there will be a clearly defined off-leash area on the Bulb.”  Emilie Raguso/Albany Patch

Download the Dog management at Albany Waterfront – review draft policy (pdf)

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Feb 19 2009

Rainy Days at The Bulb


I love the rain.  It allows me the excuse to relax and do nothing (if I can).

The only thing I don’t like is the mess that comes with the rain – 3 dogs, 12 paws can track in a lot of mud!



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Jan 15 2009

January’s Spring Breeze

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The Albany Bulb is a lovely way to take advantage of this warm January ‘spring’ breeze and persistent sun.

Jessica Woodard writes about Albany Bulb:

Something to do with all this Sun!




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