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Feb 01 2011

Off Leash Privileges at the Bulb

Posted at Albany Bulb

It is important that we have a show of support at this meeting. Please come and demonstrate our commitment to the cause of maintaining the BULB as it is. Be prepared to be frustrated and committed to staying calm, respectful and working productively within the framework of the meeting.

In preparation for the meeting please take time to develp a brief, consice statement describing the BULB’S place in your life. Include: how often you visit the BULB and why other options are not comparable. Please be organized so that more people will have an opportunity to express themselves at the meeting. Please remember, this wil lbe a long process and we cannot give the powers-that-be reason to exclude us. Come and demonstrate the esprit du corp that makes the BULB the place we all love!

Please use the time leading up to the meeting to contact by phone, and in writing members of the Albany Waterfront Commission, The Albany Parks & Recreation Committee, citizens of the City of Albany, members of the press and your state representatives.

Your participation is vital to our success in our endeavor to preserve our privileges!

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Feb 01 2011

Responsibilty of Dog Owners and Walkers

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Todd Perlman at The Albany Patch writes:

“Dog Owners, Walkers Must Take Charge to Make Parks Safe.
Regardless of whether Albany adopts new rules for the Bulb, the onus is on canine lovers to promote appropriate practices.

Passion is abundant on both sides of a complex issue that boils down to this: Dog owners want the space to remain an off-leash romping ground, while non-dog owners would like to protect the Bulb from over-exuberant canines and owners who cannot be trusted.

Officials say much of the rationale behind the new policy relates to plans to hand over the Albany Bulb to state park control. The proposed policy would bring the area in line with state regulations, which officials say they hope would make the transition easier in the long run.

Ultimately, responsibility lies squarely with dog owners and professional walkers to follow safe and appropriate practices…….”

Read the full article by Todd Perlman at the   AbanyPatch


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Oct 13 2010

Albany Looking at Leash Laws for Albany Waterfront

The city committee on the waterfront is one step closer to creating rules for the Bulb after a unanimous vote Monday night. Committee Meeting Minutes

“Essentially, dogs would have to be on-leash up through the parking lot, beach and neck, according to the proposed policy. Starting just west of the neck, on the piece of land known as the Bulb, owners and walkers could shift to a voice command system.

A motion about the draft policy included the creation of a two-page map to define the leash regulations for dogs on the waterfront; the requirement that walkers carry a dog walker permit either from the city or from the East Bay Regional Park District; and that dogs declared “vicious and dangerous” would be banned from the area; that there will be a clearly defined off-leash area on the Bulb.”  Emilie Raguso/Albany Patch

Download the Dog management at Albany Waterfront – review draft policy (pdf)

Read full article at


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Jul 20 2010

Albany Bulb Dog Policy

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Albany Bulb Dog Policy

An Interesting read on the recent Albany Waterfront Committee meeting.

Lots of discussion about controlling the dogs at  The Bulb, which centered on how to license dog walkers, or dog guardians, as well, committee members also talked about how to determine which areas should require leashes; how to protect certain areas from dog-induced wear; and how to make sure the public supports the plan.

The new policy (download the draft of Albany’s Waterfront Dog Policy), could ultimately be folded into the Parks and Recreation Department’s dog ordinance.

Some public comments made at the meeting included:
one woman saying she doesn’t take her 14 year old dog to the Bulb because it is too “chaotic”;

and of course, as always, there is suggestion that “fenced-off area for pets could be helpful in ensuring community members and Bulb visitors respect the ordinance.” (More fencing?!)

And another asked why they weren’t looking to the Voices to Vision report that cost thousands and thousands of dollars; noting that along with the other studies done costs now total up to the millions spent on these studies.

Read more about the Waterfront Committe Meeting and what was said at


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Oct 15 2009

Waterfront Committee Discuss Dogs at the Bulb

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Interesting and Important Read!

Discussion regarding Albany’s Waterfront include:

Observations – walking dogs has become one, if not the, primary user activity at the Waterfront – observations indicate that most dogs are off-leash – people love walking their dogs at the Waterfront; while others avoid the area because they are uncomfortable (I’m assuming they are referring to off-leash dogs); Cleaning up after dogs-some complaints about inconsistent cleaning up.

Questions being addressed regarding these observations

Should policies include all kinds of Waterfront park visitors?

Should policies recognize existing conditions and provide more amenities for dog owners?

Should commercial dog walking be allowed at Waterfront?

Should there be seasonal or year round exclusion of dogs from sensitive bird habitat areas?

Should there be specific off-leash dog areas?

Should there be “dog free zones”?

Discussion of Enforcement

Enforcement difficult with two jurisdictions, both with different rules regarding on-leash vs off-leash

Jurisdictional boundaries are not clear-cut in the field – to users and enforcers

Alternatives to think about

Leash/Dog Regulations

Retain existing city rules: dogs off-leash under proper control (no change)

Create uniform dog leash regulations (need to amend city regulations regarding designate specific areas for dogs Dogs On Leash, Off Leash, No Dogs for specific areas – Beach, Plateau, Neck, Parking lot, Cove.

Seasonal exclusion from sensitive bird habitat (seasonal flyway October-March) Year round exclusion form sensitive bird habitat.

Limit days/hours for dogs

Create fenced area on Bulb for dogs off-leash; other areas become on-leash or “no dogs”.

There is much more to read including the issue of Commercial Dog Walking – if Albany should adopt commercial dog walking regulations similar to EBRPD and the enforcement of policies.

Visit Albany City Website – Waterfront Committee – Agendas & Minutes


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