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Jun 15 2009


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Photo By Jill Posener

Oscar - Photo By Jill Posener



THE best thing about the bulb  –  the dogs!

The sad part is when the day comes when we have to say goodbye.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Oscar and Crow  –   very special dogs that shared the trails with us.

They will be missed.


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Jun 09 2009

Lost Dog – Have You Seen Hija

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Please Help Find Hija.

Lost last night, June 8th at approx 8:00pm, at the Albany Bulb. Little Hija was frightened by some loud trucks. She was last seen on the freeway heading towards Richmond.

“Hija (pronounced “Aiya”) is a 15 lb. black and tan chihuahua.  She is somewhat shy and tends to run away from strangers, bicycles and loud noises.  She has tags on her collar, which she has been known to slip out of.”

Please call Lani or Jeff  if you have seen her.

Phone numbers to call:

(510) 910-0633

(510) 517-9553


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May 08 2009

Bay to Barkers Coming to the Waterfront

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Bay to Barkers Dog Walk

Looks like the 12th Annual Bay to Barkers Dogwalk will be at the Albany this year

August 2, 2009 ~ 8:30am to 1pm- Golden Gate Fields, Albany

I have to wonder – why the change in venue?

Is this just another subtle move to “commercialize” ,take back, restrict, …..!!!

Paranoid? Not much.

Here is more information:

The Berkeley East Bay Humane Society is proposing (PDF) the Berkeley Humane Society “Bay to Barkers” event be held at the waterfront!

Berkeley – East Bay Humane Society Bay to Barkers (website)


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May 01 2009

Deadly and Dangerous!

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I knew that would get your attention.

Foxtails, Foxtails and more Foxtails.

Yes they are dangerous, and yes they can be deadly.
And, it may just be me, but it sure looks like there are more than ever at the the Bulb this year.


The seed of the dried grasses detach from the plant and can easily become lodged between a dogs toes, in its ears, and in its eyes. The seeds are barbed like a fish hook,and can be difficult to remove. Once embedded, foxtail seeds cause severe infections and abscesses.

Foxtail seeds can migrate and lodge in the spine, in the lungs and in other internal organs by entering through the nose, ears, paws, eyes, urethra or just through the skin and travel through the body.

Check your dog after each walk. Check head, neck ears, eyes, nose, mouth, genitals, and between the toes. If your dog repeatedly shakes its head, a foxtail may have entered the ear canal. Sneezing may indicate that a foxtail is in the nasal passage. Repeated licking or scratching in the same area may be due to an embedded foxtail. If you suspect a foxtail, promptly get your dog to a veterinarian.”

Tips to Minimize Health Risk to Dogs from Foxtail
Foxtails: a serious health problem for dogs in California.
Wikipedia – Foxtails


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Apr 21 2008

The Dangers of Foxtails to Dogs

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Once foxtail grasses dry out, the seed detaches easily and sticks readily to fur. Foxtail seeds
can enter a dog’s body in a variety of ways and once they enter, they act like an animated fishhook: the
seed continues to move forward through the dog’s body, and because of tiny barbs, cannot move
backwards. Foxtail sees are tenacious, and can be deadly.

Things to watch for:
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