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Apr 16 2008

Albany Shoreline Burrowing Owl Conservation Project

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Today, “the City of Albany and the East Bay Regional Park District will began a two month conservation project at the Albany Plateau to create habitat for the burrowing owl. This project is within Eastshore State Park and is a partnership etween the East Bay Regional Park District and the cities of Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Emeryville, and Richmond.
When completed, the conservation area will include a fenced 8.0 acre section area providing low ground cover and some open space with the goal of providing some protection from local predators. Burrows will created inside to simulate the abandoned rodent holes the owl typically inhabits. Included in the plan is preserving and enhancing hte half mile of viewing trail around the perimeter and along the bay and mudflats, which privides excellent bird viewing area. The East Bay Regional Park District will install interpretive panels about the project.”

All the details are on the East Bay Regional Park District website where you can download the map and Project Information Sheet.


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Oct 14 2007

Recent Developments Burrowing Owl Habitat Project at the Albany Plateau

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City of Albany Report: City of Albany City Council Agenda Staff Report
Background: During the planning process for Eastshore State Park from 1999 through 2002, the demonstration of community need for sports fields led to the designation of the eastern side of the Albany Plateau an “active recreation” land use category. This was problematic because of its proximity to the Albany Mudflats State Marine Sanctuary and because State Parks is not in the practice of operating formal sports fields facilities.

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