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Feb 18 2009

Budget Woes Save The Bulb – for Now

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Bulb Art

What to do with the thirty-acre stretch of land along the Albany shoreline seems to be on hold because of  budget woes – due to the state budget crisis and a government stalemate, the Albany Bulb will escape restoration for at least another year or two.

Read: Budget crisis dims the Bulb restoration plans –


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Nov 09 2008

East Bay Parks and Measure WW results

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East Bay Regional Park District Director, Ward 1

(Alameda County)
• Norman La Force 21,699 50.32 percent
• Whitney Dotson 21,052 48.82 percent
• Write-in 372 0.86 percent

East Bay Regional Park Director, Ward 1
(CoCo County)
• Norman La Force 15,271 35.80 percent
• Whitney Dotson 27,101 63.53 percent
• Write-in 287 0.67 percent

Measure WW-East Bay Regional Park District
Needed 2/3 majority Yes votes to pass
• Bonds Yes 268,688 71.70 percent
• Bonds NO 106,073 28.30 percent


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