Feb 02 2011

Dog Management Policy at Albany Waterfront

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The meeting on February 10 will discuss the Dog Management Policy:

The new policies would ban dogs from the beach, the mudflats, the small lagoon, and probably the big lagoon. Dogs would have to be on-leash in the parking lot, the viewpoint/seating area above the beach, on the paved trails, Plateau, Neck trail, and low road along the water. Dogs may be allowed off-leash on the “Bulb” proper (at the end of the Neck).
Plateau, Neck, parking lot, paved trail to benches: 100 percent on-leash

Lagoon: Dogs on-leash or banned
Bulb proper: Possible off-leash area. Dogs would have to be within six feet of handler
Beach: Dogs banned

Please show your support for off-leash dogs and attend the February 10th meeting.

Joint Meeting of the Albany Park &Recreation Commission and the Albany Waterfront Committee

Subject: Draft Proposal regarding Dog Management Policy at the Albany Waterfront for Discussion Purposes

Date:         Thursday, February 10, 2011

Time:         7:00 pmLocation:   Albany City Council Chambers  1000 San Pablo Avenue

The Park & Recreation Commission and Waterfront Committee will be holding a joint meeting to discuss issues concerning dog management at Albany’s Waterfront.  The purpose of the meeting is to present work to date drafted by the Waterfront Committee regarding a dog management policy proposal.  The meeting agenda will include a presentation by staff, questions from the Commission and Committee members, and receipt of comments from the public.

Issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Multiple jurisdictions, each with different park rules
  • Sensitive habitat areas
  • Interest for more official off-leash dog areas
  • Interest for more areas free of off-leashed dogs at the Waterfront
  • Commercial dog walkers
  • Areas proposed for dogs off-leash/under voice control, dogs on-leash, and dogs not allowed (see map).

This is the first of three meetings to discuss this issue at the Commission/Committee level.  Two more meetings (one each) will be held by the Waterfront Committee and Park & Recreation Commission (dates and times to be announced).

For more information, please contact Ann Chaney, Community Development Director at (510) 528-5760 or achaney@albanyca.org


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4 Responses to “Dog Management Policy at Albany Waterfront”

  1. kimberlyon 06 Feb 2011 at 12:25 pm

    This draft is ridiculous! I will be the first to sue the city on handicap access for me and my service animal if this goes through.

  2. rimaon 07 Feb 2011 at 7:35 pm

    Defining “off-leash” as within 6 feet means that the dogs I take to the Bulb won’t be able to run and play normally. I’m in my 60s and can’t even hope to stay within 6 feet of them as they exercise themselves. And why must they be on-leash on the “neck”? Makes no sense.

  3. Sueon 08 Feb 2011 at 6:39 pm

    I will be at the meeting and I hope that enough people show up in support of dogs being able to socialize, exercise and play together. Don’t let us lose this great privilege. Towns like Sonoma, where dogs are banned from public places, trails, the Square, etc. make it hard to live in harmony with our 4-legged companions.

    Please show your support and be part of finding a workable solution.


  4. Mobieon 08 Feb 2011 at 6:59 pm

    Six feet? Oh boy. Now I start my criminal career. Who thinks this up. Well no one who has a dog. Can you even keep your kids within six feet of you. Cat. And so on. Who will police this new law. How much will that cost? This is not well thought out. Just some drama if me. Now the meter will be installed next? Is all about how the city of albany can employ people (police). Well good! Just enjoy Collecting. I’m not paying tax to be alive. Oh yes i am. I guess dog posey is next. And all dogs need to pay rent. Right! Who are these so called. Care takers of the white spotted owl. My dog likes to eat rats. Protect them! Believe me we have enough rats.
    A balance needs to be met. This is not the solution! This is greed! Put a stop to it.

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