Feb 02 2011

Dog Management Policy Map

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Proposed Draft of Dog Management Policy

This is what the Waterfront Committee is proposing and will discuss at the joint meeting next Thursday with Parks & Rec.

Note that in the one off-leash area — “off-leash” is defined as within six feet of the dog’s person.


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One Response to “Dog Management Policy Map”

  1. matthew smithon 09 Feb 2011 at 12:59 pm

    I have been taking my dog to the Albany bulb for over 6 years and I’m extremely distressed to hear about your plans to ban dogs from the beach and imposition of strict on leash laws.
    I’m disheartened to hear that the city of Albany wants to take such a special place and wrap it up into a bundle of unenforceable laws. Are you going to hire someone full time to give out tickets to dog owners because their animal has run 6 feet away from them? Why in this age of massive deficits does Albany have the funds to put towards something so unnecessary and frivolous.

    When I take my dog there I also patronize several Albany business at the same time such as the Mechanics Bank, Zarri’s Deli, Ruen Pair Thai, and several others.
    If these changes are put into effect I will be sure to let these business know why I will no be around to patronize their establishments, and the names of the committee members whom are responsible for this change.

    I Vote My Dog!!!!

    Matthew Smith

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