Apr 17 2008

Fencing Along Albany Plateau

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And the fencing has begun!

Everyone I spoke with today seemed just as surprised as I was at the extend of the fencing. Even if this is just temporary fencing for now, it covers quite a bit of the Plateau and doesn’t allow access to most of the area except for a small section near the path leading out to the Bulb.


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  1. chris kleinon 17 Apr 2008 at 9:34 pm

    I was more than “surprised.” Shocked, and now with research sense that the site is being half-destroyed (and certainly denied to hikers) in order to “save” it. The plateau has been a charming area, the only place I know where one could roam on narrow trails in flat meadows and broad vistas with wild flowers and grasses intimately close, and not feel tied by pavement, fences and the like. Now, it seems, I will get to look at the meadow across a fence, while I walk outside on a barren 40 ft wide strip that has been bulldozed and graded for vehicles!!! This project reeks of bureaucrats, planners at desks and self-righteous environmentalists, but at least it is better than a sports complex would have been (mostly abandoned because, as Mr.Bates will learn, the bay shore is too windy for almost any competitive games). And are there any studies that show that: (a) any such owls are already there? and/or (b) any will be attracted? I’ll grant there may be one at least, because I recently met an owl on the ground at Berkeley’s Chavez Park. It seemed to be doing fine without any dedicated protection.

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