Feb 01 2011

Off Leash Privileges at the Bulb

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It is important that we have a show of support at this meeting. Please come and demonstrate our commitment to the cause of maintaining the BULB as it is. Be prepared to be frustrated and committed to staying calm, respectful and working productively within the framework of the meeting.

In preparation for the meeting please take time to develp a brief, consice statement describing the BULB’S place in your life. Include: how often you visit the BULB and why other options are not comparable. Please be organized so that more people will have an opportunity to express themselves at the meeting. Please remember, this wil lbe a long process and we cannot give the powers-that-be reason to exclude us. Come and demonstrate the esprit du corp that makes the BULB the place we all love!

Please use the time leading up to the meeting to contact by phone, and in writing members of the Albany Waterfront Commission, The Albany Parks & Recreation Committee, citizens of the City of Albany, members of the press and your state representatives.

Your participation is vital to our success in our endeavor to preserve our privileges!

Points of Note:

1. Other areas within the East Bay Regional Park District have been designated for specific activities, i.e. : the golf courses in Tilden Park, the extensive bike paths and the Tom Bates soccer fields all of which require far greater resources for their upkeep than the BULB.

2. The BULB is self-regulating: there is virtually no crime or civil disruption at the BULB. The BULB is a model of how an invested community of people are able to self-police a public space.

3. Point Isabel is not a substitute for the BULB. Why is this the case for you?

4. Our best argument is stressing we are a class of people who choose to recreate by playing with our dogs and have rights to have an area designated for this activity and supported by the community as do people who play with balls and clubs or upon peddle-driven vehicles.

5. The BULB is special for many reason: the ever-changing environmental art, an encampment of homeless people who regularly interact peacefully with the community at large and as an example of the naturalĀ  reclamation of a garbage dump by natural forces.

Your participation is vital to our success in our endeavor to preserve our privileges!

Gray Rosenberg


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