Mar 15 2011

Author Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson Signs Off-leash Petition

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Photo by Robert McNicholas

Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, author of The Dog Who Couldn’t Stop Loving, Dogs Never Lie About Love and When Elephants Weep signs the petition to save off-leash access to Albany Beach and Bulb on March 12 at the Berkeley Art Center.

The Petition reads:

We, the undersigned, support multi-use public parks in the East Bay and call on the East Bay Regional Park District, the California State Parks and Recreation Department, the California Coastal Conservancy, and the City of Albany to:


  1. Actively support off-leash dog-walking in inclusive, multi-use parks that are accessible to the mobility-challenged, convenient to dense urban populations, and more proportional to the many households with dogs.
  2. Continue the almost 30-year tradition of the Albany Bulb, Neck, Plateau and Beach as unstructured, multi-use open space for off-leash dog-walking, hiking, nature-watching, socializing, creativity, kayaking, windsurfing, kiteboarding and fishing. Include all stakeholders, and especially current park users, in any planning for this area. Value it as a unique, urban-edge park; preserve it as an evolving laboratory for the way Nature reclaims the land; and largely limit development to disability access, sanitation, and stabilization of the landfill. Let Nature be in charge!


Help Us Gather Signatures!  Download a copy of the Albany (Bulb) Waterfront Petition (PDF)


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Mar 12 2011

Tsunami rolls into Albany Beach

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Mar 10 2011

Be Counted – Support Off Leash in EBRPD

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Apparently a large number of the people who answered the online EBRPD Master Plan survey said they want dogs on-leash in most places in the parks.

But there is still time to respond to that survey and at least make the
numbers better… Please get everyone you know to weigh in!

If you support off-leash dog areas please take the time to fill out the survey!

Dog related questions are near the very end of the survey. Be sure to complete the whole survey and submit.


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Feb 26 2011

Albany Bulb vs the Sierra Club

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Off Leash Albany Bulb vs the Sierra Club
Posted by Chris Neddersen

As an animal lover, I completely support a club that wants to protect animal habitats. That’s why I’m confused. Some of my dog’s favorite habitats are the off-leash parks around San Francisco Bay. Now I hear that the Sierra Club wants to change her access to some of these parks….

That’s where the Albany Bulb comes in. We hear there’s a movement afoot to forbid off-leash access to the Albany Bulb. I don’t know what the details are, but we were emailed a message that the park’s off-leash status was in peril. Seems that the Sierra Club has some issues, but dogs and human companions have needs too. I want to be even-handed about this, so if you want to get information about both sides of the off-leash issue…

Read the Full Article at


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Feb 18 2011

Albany Workshop with EBRPD

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Mary Barnsdale from the Facebook Group, Dogs of the Albany Bulb writes about Thursday Feb. 17  meeting with about the Albany Beach with EBRPD

Good dog-community representation last night at the EBRPD community workshop regarding “improvements” to the Albany Beach. (I’m guessing a dozen of us?) This was supposed to be the second of a series of workshops — but it sounded like there actually won’t be more, so it was great to get the “dogs on the beach” message into the official record.
EBRPD now has to consider the feedback and work with their consultants on a recommendation that they’ll take to their board. Some of the many options include doing nothing, installing real toilets and running water, improving the dunes, making the beach accessible by people with mobility challenges, dumping sand offshore to “nourish the beach,” building a boardwalk on the beach, etc. There is no planning for dogs in any of the three scenarios. We’ll see what they come back with — but mostly likely the “final” plan won’t officially include dogs either. Money will likely come from the COSCO Busan settlement funds (and a small amount from the last EBRPD special assessment tax).

The EBRPD board meeting at which they’ll decide on a recommendation will be public, btw. We’ll let you know when it is after we find out.

We may need you to send letters and emails to the EBRPD board. More on that later.


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