Jun 14 2008

Art Exhibt by Sniff

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Sniff, a group of artists that created much of the artwork still found at the The Bulb, is having an Art Show.

“The Sniff Show”
Featuring The Art Group Sniff: Scott Hewitt, Scott Meadows and David Ryan
Artist Reception: Friday, July 18th from 5 to 8 PM
Exhibit Dates: July 5th Thru August 3rd, 2008
at Eclectix Gallery , 7523 Fairmount Ave.El Cerrito, CA 94530

Website: http://www.eclectixgallery.com
Simply put, Sniff is a band of artist friends who decided to do group art together. They became known as the guerilla artists who decorated and transformed “The Albany Bulb” (a shoreline area on the eastern side of the SF Bay) into a found object and painting, outdoor museum. The Bulb is an old landfill area, (yes, we packed our garbage right into the bay…) and it was pretty much a free-for-all area. Part park, part dump, part wilderness area, with an awesome view of the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Painting on whatever washed up or was dug up, Sniff covered any and many surfaces with brilliant mural-style works, reminding one of Diego Rivera, Thomas Hart Benton and George Grosz all at once. A concoction of bawdy circus art, Mexican folk art and graffiti “lowbrow” art styles, all mixed into one.


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