Feb 18 2011

Albany Workshop with EBRPD

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Mary Barnsdale from the Facebook Group, Dogs of the Albany Bulb writes about Thursday Feb. 17  meeting with about the Albany Beach with EBRPD

Good dog-community representation last night at the EBRPD community workshop regarding “improvements” to the Albany Beach. (I’m guessing a dozen of us?) This was supposed to be the second of a series of workshops — but it sounded like there actually won’t be more, so it was great to get the “dogs on the beach” message into the official record.
EBRPD now has to consider the feedback and work with their consultants on a recommendation that they’ll take to their board. Some of the many options include doing nothing, installing real toilets and running water, improving the dunes, making the beach accessible by people with mobility challenges, dumping sand offshore to “nourish the beach,” building a boardwalk on the beach, etc. There is no planning for dogs in any of the three scenarios. We’ll see what they come back with — but mostly likely the “final” plan won’t officially include dogs either. Money will likely come from the COSCO Busan settlement funds (and a small amount from the last EBRPD special assessment tax).

The EBRPD board meeting at which they’ll decide on a recommendation will be public, btw. We’ll let you know when it is after we find out.

We may need you to send letters and emails to the EBRPD board. More on that later.


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Feb 01 2011

Responsibilty of Dog Owners and Walkers

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Todd Perlman at The Albany Patch writes:

“Dog Owners, Walkers Must Take Charge to Make Parks Safe.
Regardless of whether Albany adopts new rules for the Bulb, the onus is on canine lovers to promote appropriate practices.

Passion is abundant on both sides of a complex issue that boils down to this: Dog owners want the space to remain an off-leash romping ground, while non-dog owners would like to protect the Bulb from over-exuberant canines and owners who cannot be trusted.

Officials say much of the rationale behind the new policy relates to plans to hand over the Albany Bulb to state park control. The proposed policy would bring the area in line with state regulations, which officials say they hope would make the transition easier in the long run.

Ultimately, responsibility lies squarely with dog owners and professional walkers to follow safe and appropriate practices…….”

Read the full article by Todd Perlman at the   AbanyPatch


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Apr 16 2008

Albany Beach Shoreline Open

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Well I’ve been waiting and waiting for the “official” beach opening but I think this is as official as it is going to get… The Albany city website is still showing “Albany Beach remains CLOSED to the public at this time” – which seems a bit odd considering the Albany Shoreline Clean Up is scheduled for this weekend) however, the website also states “when the beach is ultimately opened, signage will be installed that cautions users to avoid contact with the tarballs and what to do should you come in contact with it”

These signs have been up for WEEKS! Is it therefore safe to assume since signage is installed it is open?

Okay I’m going out on a limb and saying it “The Beach is open!!” The signs are up and Albany wants us to come celebrate Earth Day by helping clean-up the Albany shoreline.


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Nov 10 2007

Albany Bulb Closed

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Albany Bulb was closed today!

East Bay Parks and Albany Police asked everyone to leave the area today. Park closed!

It’s not sure for how long, but they said at least a couple of days.


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