Nov 01 2008

Whitney Dotson – Good for Dogs

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Update: I sent an email to Whitney Dotson asking him his position on off-leash areas.

The response from Robin Freeman, Whitney Dotson Campaign Committee:

I asked Whitney Dotson for his response to your question.  Here is what he said:
“When it is appropriate for the habitat, the Park District should develop more controlled facilities for off leash dogs.  Dogs need space to exercise, even if sometimes in relatively small areas.  There is a large amount of space within the parks lands.”

Whitney Dotson is Good for Dogs! Norman La Force is Bad for Dogs.

On the November ballot, residents of Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, El Cerrito, El Sobrante, Kensington, Richmond, San Pablo, parts of Oakland and a small part of Pinole will be asked to choose between Whitney Dotson and Norman La Force to serve on the Board of Directors of the East Bay Regional Park Districk (EBRPD, Ward 1)

Dotson is well-qualified, and is receptive of off-leash recreation in the EBRPD.

La Force has a very well-established and readily verifiable track record in RABID OPPOSITON to off-leash recreation in the East Bay and elsewhere.

East Bay Regional Parks District Board Race- Reader Commentary, Berkeley Daily Planet

If LaForce is elected, he will threaten the park access of every person who walks a dog, rides a horse, seeks accessible trails, and bikes on the lands of the East Bay Regional Parks. His scientific background is nothing, as he has demonstrated in public hearings many times. He has worked harder to keep humans out of parks than any other “park proponent” I know. He definitely will try to crush any “opponent,” including the disabled, the young and the elderly. Not because they are right or wrong, but because they oppose him. I urge everyone to watch their back if he’s elected.

He has already hounded the park users group off the Albany Landfill, gleefully destroying one of very few accessible areas for dog walkers with limited mobility in the entire East Bay. He forced creating a breeding burrowing owl habitat on the landfill, at cost of tens of thousands of dollars per year, even though scientific literature quickly reveals likely failure. An hour’s research in the UC Berkeley scientific journal collection showed immediate evidence of the scientific fallacy of this proposal—but he still forced it down everyone’s throat through his usual bullying and threats. When I did research, I found that California Fish & Game had actually recommended a “watch and see” mitigation with no winter time construction for the wintering middle-aged burrowing owl (non-breeding) that might be displaced by building the Gilman Fields, so this entire action was provoked by LaForce, who saw an opportunity to further crush the community of users at the Albany Landfill. Think: just a portion of that money invested in expanding two or three breeding burrowing owl habitats in the Central Valley, their chief breeding ground, would have actually produced young owls. And still have left money in the Gilman Fields JPA’s pocket for our young sports players. The Albany Landfill park users could have continued to clean up the park, remove the star thistle, build art, and start plans for a supportive insectary environment to protect pollinators in our changing climate.- Read More Marilyn Saarni was co-founder of Albany Let It Be; former president and editor of the Regional Parks Foundation


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