Oct 15 2009

Waterfront Committee Discuss Dogs at the Bulb

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Discussion regarding Albany’s Waterfront include:

Observations – walking dogs has become one, if not the, primary user activity at the Waterfront – observations indicate that most dogs are off-leash – people love walking their dogs at the Waterfront; while others avoid the area because they are uncomfortable (I’m assuming they are referring to off-leash dogs); Cleaning up after dogs-some complaints about inconsistent cleaning up.

Questions being addressed regarding these observations

Should policies include all kinds of Waterfront park visitors?

Should policies recognize existing conditions and provide more amenities for dog owners?

Should commercial dog walking be allowed at Waterfront?

Should there be seasonal or year round exclusion of dogs from sensitive bird habitat areas?

Should there be specific off-leash dog areas?

Should there be “dog free zones”?

Discussion of Enforcement

Enforcement difficult with two jurisdictions, both with different rules regarding on-leash vs off-leash

Jurisdictional boundaries are not clear-cut in the field – to users and enforcers

Alternatives to think about

Leash/Dog Regulations

Retain existing city rules: dogs off-leash under proper control (no change)

Create uniform dog leash regulations (need to amend city regulations regarding designate specific areas for dogs Dogs On Leash, Off Leash, No Dogs for specific areas – Beach, Plateau, Neck, Parking lot, Cove.

Seasonal exclusion from sensitive bird habitat (seasonal flyway October-March) Year round exclusion form sensitive bird habitat.

Limit days/hours for dogs

Create fenced area on Bulb for dogs off-leash; other areas become on-leash or “no dogs”.

There is much more to read including the issue of Commercial Dog Walking – if Albany should adopt commercial dog walking regulations similar to EBRPD and the enforcement of policies.

Visit Albany City Website – Waterfront Committee – Agendas & Minutes



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  1. dog loveron 11 Jan 2010 at 9:28 pm

    I used to walk my dog at the albany bulb but became impossible for me to go there because of commercial dog walkers who bring 6 to 10 dogs to the bulb and have no control over them. There were a few dog walkers there who believe that it is your problem if you or your dog don’t like to be rushed by one of the dogs that they aren’t able keep control of, that this is what off-leash dog areas meant. I thought voice control was a requirement of off leash dogs, is it not? Another person, whose dog was luckily muzzled as it attacked mine, said well that’s just what dogs do, even though she saw me anxiously trying to avoid her oncoming charging dog. Isn’t there a limit to the number of dogs commerical dog walkers are allowed to bring in one trip? Apparently not at the Albany bulb. Isn’t mutual respect important for shared use at off leash dog parks? Apparently not at the Albany Bulb.

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